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Discover Belfast City - May 6th, 2006
Belfast City, Co. Antrim, Ireland - Discover Ireland’s second largest city, Belfast. Find out where to go and what to do within the city. Relive Belfast’s history, enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife, shop around, tour around…all these and more at Belfast City.
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Wholly Satisfying Visit in Antrim - Feb 20th, 2006
All things bright and beautiful are what define Co. Antrim in Ireland. Discover the truths about this county in these few words.
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Gigantic Experience in Antrim - Feb 17th, 2006
Carefully, I re-checked my stuffs and feeling all ready, checked in for the flight bound to Ireland. This is what I have been waiting for... I plan to have a gigantic adventure of my lifetime in Co. Antrim. After all, what getaway could be greater than overindulging your days at the home of the eighth wonder of the world? This ardently spells a mixture of freewheeling fun and tradition.
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Nature's Fill at Antrim - Feb 17th, 2006
As a lifelong nature buff who thrills to the sights of stunningly spruced up landscapes, I was certainly amazed with the experience I had with Co. Antrim in Ireland. The mind-blowing scenery is incomparable to anything else.
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Playing for Fun at Portrush - Feb 16th, 2006
“I am not a good player, but it pays to play in the best course”. Co. Antrim offers a remarkable golf experience which will make you feel like a pro. Whether you are an individual or in a group, Royal Portrush Golf Club is the place to go for any budding golfer and experts alike.
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Rediscovering Antrim's Past - Feb 16th, 2006
Antrim has long been a fascinating county for me. With its eye-popping scenery and mind boggling history, anyone will surely develop an extreme eagerness to discover and explore more about this paradise. The driving force behind the “discover more” idea will lead your equally excited feet onto Ulster Museum which serves as your door to enter the realm of Antrim’s beginning and remarkable fame.
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Keeping the Ould Lammas Fair's Spirit - Feb 16th, 2006
Anyone will undoubtedly agree with me if I say “Festivals highlight the scenes of a particular location”. Participating in the festivals of the place you are visiting establishes a close connection between you and the place. One spot worth a visit for this cause is Co. Antrim in Ireland.
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A Step Closer to Antrim's Heaven - Feb 16th, 2006
Anywhere in Antrim is a great place to start an adventure of a lifetime. From great ocean views to breathtaking waterfalls and from spectacular cliffs to lovely gardens and tropical forests, this place is truly a special oasis unto itself.
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Unlocking the Mystery of Antrim's Glens - Feb 15th, 2006
Nothing should stand between you and your dream vacation. The burst of an adventurous pleasure and amusement in a haven of nature preserves is something of an adrenaline rush. To avoid the “boredom” sickness from overcoming you, why not consider a trip to Co. Antrim in Ireland and discover the mystery of its green glens?
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Antrim Spells Paradise - Feb 15th, 2006
“Where can I have a really exciting and thrilling vacation?” You may have heard this a million of times already from a family member or friend perhaps. Now it is not as hard to answer as before. One word and you spell paradise. What could be that word? Antrim!
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